Alignment Council

The Early Matters Dallas Alignment Council is comprised of early childhood experts who are decision makers and influencers across multiple networks. The Alignment Council’s main objective is to increase data and communication transparency across early childhood sectors. More specifically, the Alignment Council:

  • Reviews, edits, and endorses a comprehensive action plan for the county to increase Kindergarten readiness and 3rd grade reading by 2025
  • Encourages agencies and organizations to align their work to specific levers and actions in the plan
  • Contributes knowledge of early childhood efforts to keep the ecosystem map accurate and updated

Alignment Council
Member Organizations

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During the meeting, members were given an update on the policy prioritization process using feedback from the Policy Solutions Convening held on Jan. 31. The Policy Cmt is working to produce an agenda based on alignment, impact, and feasibility with EMD’s goals and indicators. Members also participated in a communications personas exercise to deepen EMD’s communications strategy, and representatives from The Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute presented the Council with a snapshot of the ways Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) affect the educational outcomes of children.

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During the last Alignment Council meeting of the year, Kim Manns and Dr. Helena Mosely, Lancaster ISD Assistant Superintendent of Achievement and Student Services, gave an update to the Alignment Council regarding a recent Early Matters Dallas analysis on what’s driving the gap in literacy proficiency scores between Black and White students in Dallas County. Also during the meeting, Nicole De Santis from The Boston Consulting Group presented the Council with a snapshot of the ways child care is a barrier to people entering the workforce.

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May 16, 2018

August 8, 2018

November 14, 2018

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