Closing the Workforce Gap in Dallas: Seeking local solutions to remove barriers for working families

Will you join us to identify and implement solutions for our community so that adults can work and children can thrive?

Our community has been working tirelessly to expand Pre-K for 3- and 4-year olds, and we are having success. Community childcare providers are an essential piece of this puzzle. However, we have heard consistently about the challenges childcare providers face in order to remain economically viable.

In an attempt to better understand the childcare landscape, the Early Matters Dallas Board commissioned this report and engaged The Boston Consulting Group. Through this process, we confirmed that childcare centers face real economic challenges and also learned that the lack of childcare is one of the largest barriers to parents participating in the workforce. We learned there are currently at least 42,000 middle-skill jobs open in the DFW area—this is a drain on our economy and an issue for our employers. While there are other barriers to workforce participation (e.g., transportation), lack of childcare is one driver of poverty that we CAN control and change.

This report hopes to kickstart the process of engaging Dallas civic, philanthropic, and business leaders in the task of designing affordable childcare solutions in order to close the workforce gap in Dallas. Dallas has an opportunity to lead the nation by ensuring that our workforce is fully engaged and our children are all in quality early learning environments.