Our Long Term Goal

60% of Dallas County students reading on a college ready pace in 3rd grade by the year 2025.

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Our Short Term Goals

Increase Pre‑K enrollment by 1,400 students and increase full-day 4‑year-old seats by 1,210 in Fall 2019

  • Align 16 districts to participate in regional Pre‑K Enrollment campagin
  • Ensure 60% of Pre‑K students are in a classroom using the CLASS tool
  • Increase Pre‑K partnership seats by 269 in 2020 – 21

Align at least seven public school districts- representing 70% of Dallas County children- to our strategic plan for 3rd grade reading

  • Create work group of seven districts in partnership with the Boston Consulting Group to spread what works’ from Dallas ISD
  • Ensure seven districts have data-driven, board-aligned 3rd grade reading goals
  • Activate 7 districts to build an early childhood infrastructure
  • Align 4 – 5 district to regional professional development strategy

Build and pilot a comprehensive strategy to increase access to quality early childhood opportunities

  • Position 0 to 3’ childcare as a workforce challenge in the 2021 Texas legislative session
  • Pilot increased infant and toddler reimbursement rates to sustain the quality child care business model
  • Pilot staffing agency to address quality teacher gap and shared services