2018 – 2019 Big Wins

Pre K Enrollment
  • Pre‑K enrollment increased 1,591 students in Dallas County (up 3% from last year), exceeding our goal of 1,300. In 2018 – 19 participating districts doubled, from 8 to 16, and initial enrollment numbers are well above previous years.
  • Early Matters Dallas piloted CLASS, a tool to improve educator effectiveness, in five school districts reaching nearly 60% (about 15,000) Pre‑K students in Dallas County
  • In the 2019 legislative session, the state provided funding for full-day, high-quality Pre‑K
3rd graders
  • EMD piloted a professional development focused on early literacy with 3 districts serving 57 principals and 60 instructional coaches
  • EMD also convened 7 districts to create districtwide social emotional learning strategies
  • State lawmakers passed legislation that requires every teacher to receive trauma informed training 
Children served
  • After an additional $229.9M in child care funding was allocated to Texas, EMD and its advocacy partners led efforts to ensure the additional funding was used to support greater economic stability for quality child care centers 
  • State lawmakers passed legislation that will require TEA and TWC to coordinate data collection and analysis and study ratios