86th Legislative Agenda

Legislative Agenda

Build Strong Foundations for Early Learning in School

Increase formula funding and incentives to support high-quality early learning to ensure students are reading on grade level by 3rd grade.

Require training for teachers and school counselors on best instructional practices for students experiencing trauma and toxic stress.

Increase the supply and retention of a well-trained, effective early childhood workforce, and provide sufficient training to improve the efficacy of existing early childhood teachers.

Invest in structures and incentives throughout the early childhood grades to increase proficiency in 3rd grade reading.

Improve the Quality and Sustainability of the Childcare Industry

Facilitate inter-agency coordination of childcare and Pre-K data systems to understand and improve outcomes for children and maximize the financial efficiency of taxpayer dollars.

Incentivize greater state funding of quality childcare through more robust data reporting and transparency for the Texas Rising Star Program and by requiring the Texas Workforce Commission to set goals for increases in quality childcare.

Support strategies to increase the supply and sustainability of high-quality providers and to increase the supply and retention of a highly-qualified childcare workforce.

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Legislative Agenda

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