Early Matters Dallas Data Indicators

By increasing the quality of early childhood education, our goal is 1) More children receive Early Childhood Education in quality environments, whether at home; in a family day home or child care setting; in a private, public or home school; and/or in programs that serve children in out-of-school times and 2) All young children have access to educated, effective professionals and informed, nurturing parents and caregivers.
By increasing access to quality early childhood education our goal is for 1) all children ages 0–8 have affordable and geographically appropriate options in high quality early learning environments that meet their individual needs and 2) all children ages 0-8 have access to quality resources at home to enhance their learning and development.
By ensuring awareness and demand for quality early learning our goal is 1) from birth, parents and caregivers make decisions for their children to maximize early development, promote Kindergarten Readiness, and grow early literacy skills and 2) local and state community grows awareness of, support for, and investment in quality early learning.
By extending the continuum of care to support children and families from birth, our goal is every child accesses essential health and support services for healthy early development.
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