Work Groups

To achieve our goals of increased access to high-quality early education in North Texas, Early Matters Dallas convenes seven work groups co-led by community partners alongside our backbone staff.


Policy — Led by Libby McCabe of the Commit Partnership, our policy work group seeks to align state and local law making with quality child care standards and practitioner-approved best practices.

Early literacy

Early Literacy — Led by EMD Director Dominique McCain, our Early Literacy work group gathers the early literacy directors of every public school district in Dallas County to collaborate on professional development for early childhood educators, as well as explore emerging best practices in dual-language instruction and social-emotional learning.

Pre k

Pre‑K - Led by EMD Director Chelsea Jeffrey, our Pre‑K work group gathers the Pre‑K directors of every public school district in Dallas County to collaborate on an enrollment campaign, advise the Dallas County Community College District’ Early Childhood Institute, and implement universal high-quality Pre‑K standards.

Out of school

Out of School - Led by Christina Hanger of Dallas Afterschool, our Out of School work group helps to facilitate summer learning with innovative programming such as Rise Literacy Academy and Tackle Summer Slide. The work group also assists in the staffing of quality afterschool programming.

Parent engagement

Parent Engagement — Led by DISD Early Education director Yesenia Cardoza Ramirez, our Parent Engagement work group is a collaboration between the Dallas Independent School District and the Flamboyan Institute to increase parental engagement in DISD early childhood education.

Birth to five

Birth to Five — Led by the Melanie Rubin of the Dallas Early Education Alliance, the Birth to Five work group seeks to decrease administrative costs for local childcare providers, as well as implement high quality standards and facilitate partnerships with public school districts.


Tutoring — Led by EMD director Dominique McCain, the tutoring work group brings to together four providers of in school and afterschool literacy programming (Reading Partners, Catch Up and Read, Readers 2 Leaders, and Beacon Hill) to encourage collaboration and maximize the impact of grant funding.