Work Groups

To achieve our goals of increased access to high-quality early education in North Texas, Early Matters Dallas convenes six work groups co-led by community partners alongside our backbone staff.

Kindergarten 1

Early Learning Deserts

Led by Melanie Rubin, the Early Learning Desert work group seeks to ensure access to quality early childhood seats by working to decrease administrative costs for local childcare providers, as well as implement high quality standards and facilitate partnerships between private childcare centers and public school districts.


Early Literacy Systems

Led by Devron Armstrong, our Early Literacy work group meets to address two priorities: identifying available literacy supports provided by districts and literacy stakeholders to direct resources and influence positive change, and raising awareness of the literacy crisis and the science of reading in Dallas County through the Strong Readers campaign.


Quality Teachers

Led by Heather Bryant, the Quality Teachers Work Group works to understand the early education work force, as well as improve Teacher Prep Programs, place effective educators in high need areas, and bolster partnerships between EPPs, childcare centers, and school districts.


Quality Coaching

Led by Amber Shields, the Quality Coaching Work Group looks to increase the number of childcare centers entering TRS AND increasing stars for childcare centers already in TRS, as well as align on key components of quality coaching across the Birth-3rd grade spectrum that have the greatest impact on teachers’ instruction and child outcomes.


Social Services and Benefits Utilization

Led by Jeff Sullivan and Abigail Sharp, the Social Services and Benefits Utilization Work Group works to build collaboration across social services while increasing enrollment in and use of available benefits.


Family Engagement

Led by Lisa Bracken and Olga Hickman, the Family Engagement Work Group focuses on educating parents and families on available programming and services, as well as constructing and gathering educational resources.